Powerlong Group was established by Mr. Xu JianKang, a standing committee member of CPPCC and a famous patriotic entrepreneur of Macau. With the corporate mission of ‘Create space full of love’, Powerlong Group has kept expanding its business in different sectors, including real estate, commerce, Culture & Hotel,and committed to becoming a respected global leader in urban commercial development and operation for centuries to come. Up to now, the total capital of the group more than RMB 200 billion, with over 200 subsidiaries at home and abroad and a total workforce of nearly 10,000 staffs, and charitable donations of over RMB 1.4 billion.

Powerlong Real Estate Holdings Ltd (HK. 1238) has specialized in the development and operation of comprehensive commercial realty projects since 2003 and has been successfully listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2009. Over the past several years, it has been awarded with many authoritative honors, including China Top 100 Real Estate Developers and Top 10 Brands of China Commercial Real Estate. Real Estate has developed More than 300 high-quality realty projects, covering Yangzi River Delta, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Bohai Economic Rim, Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone, Hainan International Tourism Island and mid-western region. Powerlong has built a multi-dimensional business to meet increasing domestic demands for compound real estate. Its business includes three series of commercial realty projects, residential projects from middle and high end commercial residential buildings to houses, and high-standard, well-equipped office, hotel and apartment projects.

In 2007, Powerlong Commercial(HK.9909)began to provide commercial operation service for developers, tenants and owners of retail commercial properties and went public with its shares listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2019. As one of the few Chinese commercial operation service providers with expertise and capabilities in managing diversified retail commercial property portfolios, it has four series of commercial realty projects: Powerlong One Mall, Powerlong City,Powerlong Plaza and Powerlong Land. Up to now, Powerlong Commercial together with its subsidiaries, has laid out more than 140 projects with a total of nearly 90 projects opened (including nearly 30 third-party projects) and 15 million sqm of contracted commercial space under its management It also provides property management service for residential properties, office buildings and serviced apartments with over 28 million sqm of contracted residential property under its management.

With "Art + Hotel" as the driving force, Powerlong Culture & Hotel has integrated industrial resources and its culture and art section covers Powerlong Art Center, XU Gallery, Powerlong Art Academy and other culture and art institutions. The art hotel construction and operation section has 22 hotels in operation and nearly 20 self-owned hotels. The leased assets management section covers long term rental apartments, office building leasing, commercial street leasing and property management business, wherein, the number of leased rooms in the long term rental apartment product "Powerlong Apartments" exceeds 4,400, and the leased asset management area of office building exceeds 400,000 square meters.